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Careers In Video Game Design - What Type Of Positions Are There?

In the past four decades the art and skill of designing video games has witnessed immense advancements. So have the people involved in the industry, and even the technical skills that are needed to design a computer game that is entertaining and challenging. Designing a computer game involves creating the content for the game and formulating the rules that govern it. The abilities required for video game designer careers are technical, artistic and writing skills. Early in the development of computer games, most of these tasks were usually undertaken by the same person, called the lead programmer.

The lead programmer used to perform all of the game designer jobs required to complete the video game but computer systems started to get a lot faster and possess better memory capacity. That meant that computer games became larger and much more complicated as well. As the tasks needed to produce a video game became more expanded and complex, so did the number of tasks involved in the process. Nowadays the lead programmer generally concentrates on writing the computer game script codes while game designer jobs now includes creating the environment, game characters, game play and storyline for the video game. Modern day computer games are usually produced by a team.

When the graphic game that is being developed is complicated and carries a huge budget, there could be a couple of lead designers and a large team of junior designers. There are several different job functions that now fall under the category of computer game design. The different game designer jobs available for junior designers are level designer or environmental designer and systems designer or game mechanics designer and even report writing and game documentation. Most video game designers started in the business as game testers, so they have experience in the kinds of design errors that usually happen while designing beta video games.

The lead designer is normally the one who creates the basic vision and concept of the new video game and he is also in charge of the junior game designers working at various tasks and coordinating that work. The lead designer is the major decision maker and is responsible for good communication amongst the team members. The lead designer is the one that presents all of the design team's work to outside departments or organizations and is also usually responsible for final documentation of the video game design process. This position calls for a person who has an imaginative mind as well as a sound technical knowledge.

The junior designers whose task it is to balance and develop game play mechanics are often called systems designers or game mechanics designers. A position that has come into prominence as games become more complicated is that of environment designer or level designer. This position focuses on developing the environment, missions and game play levels for the video game. A junior designer is often delegated to create the user interface design. A writer is usually employed as a part of the design team in order to script a variety of items for the computer game, including dialogue, narrative, journals, commentary, clue system and packaging content.

Most individuals really don't have a clue about how to become a video game designer.

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