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Easy Ways To Get Really Low Wedding Cake Prices

Excellent weddings do not need to be hugely expensive and extravagant. Whomever told you so is an idiot, plain and simple. Having said that, you should not go on thinking you have to fork out countless thousands on a 5-tier professional cake fit for a royal wedding; you don't. Instead, merely make use of some of these tips and ideas to get the cheapest wedding cake price possible -- they are guaranteed to shave hundreds off the final price.

Ways To Get Less Costly Wedding Cake Prices...

1. Simpleness Is Your Friend. A basic cake with just a few decorations and a basic design is way less expensive than a 5-tier cake with elaborate designs and lots of decorations. By keeping the cake simple, you keep the costs low. (And bear in mind, simple does NOT have to mean bad!)

2. Cut the Guest List. This ought to be a pretty simple concept to understand -- less people, less cake you need to buy. Now, am I saying you must resend your initiations to the in-laws & neighbors because you want to save on the cost of cake? No, of course not. But, what I AM saying is that you may significantly reduce costs for all facets of the wedding -- including wedding cake prices -- if you forgo inviting every single person you've ever met. Think of it this way, 200 guests at $5 per slice equals $1000. 50 guests at $5 per slice is only $250. That's quite the difference, wouldn't you agree? Don't forget, this is a wedding, not Mardi Gras -- more people isn't going to make the occasion any more memorable.

3. The Freelancer. There's plenty of individuals who operate businesses in their down time and these businesses may range from book keeper to virtual assistant to surfing instructor to even, you guessed it, wedding cake specialist. Try looking in the paper, the telephone book, and all the classifieds sections you come across for cake baking specialists. These people charge a lot less than private bakeries & pastry shops and you often get identical, if not a better, result. Ask about references and even give them a test order before you commit.

4. Plan Ahead. Don't enter the bakery or talk with the freelance pasty chef without some idea or inkling of what you want -- it would not be smart. "Winging It" isn't an intelligent approach for any part of your wedding. Spend time online looking for appropriate decorations and designs, then print these pictures out and bring them with you. Without this sort of a "guideline", you'll be more inclined to spend more on additional features and decor you don't need.

If you wish to get the cost of wedding cake as low as possible, then following these tips & techniques is vital!

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