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How Can I Get Paid To Play Video Games?

Are there folks who seriously get paid to play video games? Or, could it be that it's just a enormous myth which serves zero purpose? The fact is, individuals are indeed receiving payment to play & enjoy video game titles each day. But, the word "play" usually will lose some of it's meaning regarding this kind of opportunity.

Among the greatest misconceptions on the subject of testing game titles for cash is definitely that it's super simple and loads of non-stop fun. You can plop down on your rear-end, relax, enjoy video games, and then receive a nice big pay check when you're finished. That would surely be an incredible job; but sadly, that's not how it actually works. Instead of trying to play a video game for fun, you are going to be testing it as part of your overall responsibility.

You heard right, professional video game testers are not paid loads of cash just to have tons of fun playing amazing, new video games -- they are paid to evaluate & test brand-new video games for game developers. Nothing More, Nothing Less.

By far the most common response to the above is "what exactly is the distinction between testing & playing?" Well, it's simple to tell you the truth. Whenever you play a game, you would beat an area and then proceed on to the next. Whenever you test a video-game, you beat a level after which you'll RESTART that level and play it again & again. You won't do this 1 time, 2 times, or 3 times. In truth, you'll do this numerous times until eventually you have located every one of the bugs and glitches of that level. This might lead to playing a specific section of a game a few dozen times, if not MORE, to ensure you've identified all of the game's possible issues. Be honest with yourself, does this seem like a "good time" to you? I'm going to just take a guess and say PROBABLY NOT!

Now, don't get the wrong idea here. Video game testers will have fun doing testing assignments -- you just need to understand that the fun is not as much as some individuals think it is. Instead of drinking soft drinks, eating snacks, and hanging out with friends trying to play awesome video-games, testers are literally working to make games better.

If you're a game addict and desire to earn money playing video games, then a job as a video game tester is exactly what you need. Not only can it satisfy your cash flow desires, but you will certainly begin a profitable career along the way!

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