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How To Cure Headaches During Pregnancy

Headaches during pregnancy are caused due to several factors. These could include withdrawal symptoms of caffeine, too much stress, dehydration, lack of rest, sleeplessness or low sugar levels in the body. Headaches during pregnancy could also be because of poor posture especially due to the excess weight near the abdominal region due to the growth of the baby in the womb. High blood pressure is also a leading cause of headaches in pregnant women.

Headaches can be really troublesome, particularly if the woman has a history of migraine. The best way to avoid headache is to relax and get plenty of sleep. Exercise is always good, even during pregnancy. Gentle physical exercises routines can effectively help in keeping headaches at bay. Well balanced and nourishing diet is important. Keeping heat or cold packs handy is quite important as they can provide immediate relief.

Learning simple meditation techniques and key yoga exercises that can be performed during pregnancy will also help in avoiding headache and excessive tiredness. A cold shower can remediate a nagging headache by triggering immediate pain relief. Similarly, cold compress or cold towel held to the head will effectively combat pregnancy headaches. A shower will relax the muscles in the body and provide overall relief. Drinking water is a good way to keep the body hydrated at all times to prevent headache.

A massage around the neck, shoulders or back will also be of great help to pregnant women struggling with migraine. For headaches during pregnancy caused due to sinus problems, applying a warm compress around the eyes will prove to be very effective. Deep breathing, especially in a dark room, provides immediate relief against migraine. One of the ways to get relief from headaches and completely eliminate them during pregnancy is by eating smaller meal portions but at frequent time intervals. It prevents excessive hunger which can trigger headaches and cause discomfort.

Pregnant women suffering from frequent headache problem should avoid chocolate, alcohol, yogurt, peanuts, sour cream and preserved meats. Heating pads available in all shapes and sizes can be used to provide relief from headache. A quick nap could also work wonders and keep the mind and body rejuvenated during pregnancy. It is imperative to refrain from pain killers during pregnancy since they can bring about undesirable side effects.

It is a good idea to contact your medical professional if you are troubled with blurry vision along with a headache. Pregnant women should also try to maintain blood sugar levels by having regular meals through the day. Applying the ice pack at the base of the neck is also known to provide relief to a certain extent. Aromatherapy with essential oils like eucalyptus, a gentle massage, or soaking yourself in a bath tub with warm water can all provide instant relief for headaches. A cup of hot tea may also be very effective in countering headaches and providing the much needed relief.

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