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Key Tips For Your Wedding Preparation - 5 Things To Avoid

If you're setting together a wedding on a budget, there are loads of things you're going to need to do. More importantly though, there are a multitude of actions you really need to AVOID doing. After all, each mistake equates to more time wasted & more money wasted. If this is going to be a wedding on a budget, you can only have so many mistakes before things start off slipping apart!

1. Definitely Don't Employ a Wedding Planner. You will not likely have a wedding on a tight budget and still get a wedding planner -- it's just not sensible. This so-called "expert" is nothing but a middle-man whom collects a fee from you because they know a bit more. Undoubtedly, it's easy, but what it isn't is inexpensive.

2. Don't Hasten. Spontaneity is cool, but not when it comes to preparing small budget weddings. You need some time to prep, plan, and perfect. If you try to hasten everything, you will possibly not be able to save nearly as much spendings. Truth be told, if you hasten everything, you'll likely wind up spending more!

3. Don't Invite Way Too Many. This is a wedding event, not a concert or carnival. It's okay to invite close friends, members of the family, and loved ones, but you need to keep the list lower if you wish to save money. Inviting almost all people you've ever spoken to is just foolish and costly. Don't forget, larger crowds won't make the event more memorable, just more overpriced.

4. Don't Be Haughty With Design. There's certainly no reason to go excessive with the wedding decorations. You don't need custom crafted vases, hand carved ice figurines, or diamond studded chandeliers. All you need is a few low cost wedding decoration and a couple of ingenious approaches in which to use them.

5. Try Not to Over Do it On the Dress. If perhaps this is going to be a wedding on a small budget, there ought to be sacrifices. One of those sacrifices is NOT being able to get a newly designed wedding attire. You're going to have to rent or check into the possibility of second hand wedding clothes. Think about it, if you're hoping to save money on the wedding, does it truly make any sense to splurge thousands of dollars on an outfit you're only going to wear once?

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