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The Best Places To Get Second Hand Wedding Gowns For Cheap

What law says you have to get a completely new, $10000 wedding gown to look stunning? That's right, there is no law which says that! In fact, you may spend less than $500 and still look like a star-studded beauty. How, I hear you ask? Simple, by wearing a second hand wedding dress. Such an affordable dress will allow you to save a boat load of cash while still being able to drop a couple of jaws and bring about plenty of oooo's and ahhhhh's.

Innovative Suggestions For Getting Second Hand Wedding Dresses...

1. Talk to the Family. There is at least a 50% possibility that a woman in your family -- mom, grandma, aunt, mother-in-law, cousin, etc. -- has a wedding dress she has kept for all these years. Talk to her and see how open she is to letting you wear it on your big day. Some women are overly attached to their gowns and you will be hard-pressed to convince them to "lend" it to you. On the other hand, there are others who will hand it over just for the asking.

2: Rent. A rented dress is generally a used dress; therefore, it qualifies as a second hand wedding dress. With that said, if you are truly dead set on wearing a brand new, modern-style wedding gown, there's no better option than to rent. Get it, wear it, give it back, done.

3. Used Clothes Shops. These locations are also known as "second hand" shops and you ought to be able to find an immense range of dresses and suitable attire for your wedding. Will they have a section dedicated to used wedding dresses? No, probably not, but it won't hurt to ask around.

4. Drama Departments. High schools and colleges have theatre departments which are stocked with all types of outfits, dresses, and costumes. Speak with the coordinator and ask if they have any second hand wedding dresses -- which they most likely do -- and see how much they'd take for one. You ought to be able to easily pick up a dress for under $400.

Crucial Tip: It's not necessary to find the perfect secondhand wedding dress. Honestly, you can settle for "good", "alright", or even "mediocre". How come? Because you can pay a seamstress to make all the changes you need to the dress; size, color, design, length, etc. You can literally pay a few hundred bucks for the dress, then a few hundred more for "extreme" modifications, and you'll have a dress that looks like it cost $5000, when in actuality it only cost about $600-$800.

The Best Places To Get Second Hand Wedding Gowns For Cheap
Looking beautiful on your special day doesn't mean having to spend $10000, $5000, or $2000 on some fancy-schmancy dress. With a little creative thinking and the right point of view, you can easily spend under $500 and walk away with a spectacular secondhand wedding dress.

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