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Usual Physical Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

The physical effects of sleep deprivation tend to be pretty serious, especially whenever you go for long periods of time without adequate rest. A serious lack of sleep, better known as insomnia, can really wreak havoc on your life when it is not kept under control. Other than the illnesses & diseases it could eventually lead to (if not dealt with promptly), it can also cause you to suffer from some of these physical effects of sleep deprivation.

Get To Know The Five Physical Effects of Sleep Deprivation...

Tiredness: This isn't your typical "tired", you'll be both physically & mentally exhausted. Everything you do, no matter how small the task, appears to leave you drained of what little energy you have left. You would be more than pleased just to lay down on your couch for hours on end. You are going to learn when you're being affected by this physical effect of sleep deprivation when you're continuously tired day in and day out.

Discomfort: It's not precisely pain, though more of a wearisome feeling all over your body. Nothing you try helps to reduce the uncomfortableness; sometimes even sitting or laying down doesn't help.

Impaired Motor Skills: Your hand-eye coordination and reaction time wind up being awful -- SUPER awful. Not only do you fail to react to circumstances as quickly as you normally would, but it's almost as if everything you do is in slow motion.

Social Life Problems: Talking to individuals is nearly impossible, since no one makes any sense to you, and you evidently are not being understood by those who are around you.

Eyesight Impairment: If lacking sleep, it's not at all uncommon for your vision to blur for short periods of time. Those short-term moments of "fuzzy vision" are not signs that you're about to go blind; it simply signifies you need to have much more restful sleep.

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