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Wedding Planning Made Simple - 5 Tips For Small Budget Weddings

Planning a wedding party on a small budget doesn't mean everything has to be boring nor does it mean it has to be unsophisticated. In reality, there is no proof that throwing large piles of money at your wedding will make it any more pleasant than not doing so. That said, don't let the notion of planning a wedding on a small budget get you down -- there are many ways to save while still ensuring an unforgettable & enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

1. Don't Invite Too Many. This is a wedding, not a concert or carnival. It's acceptable to invite friends, family, and loved ones, but you have to keep the list down if you want to save money. Inviting everybody you have ever spoken to is just stupid and costly when planning a wedding on a small budget. Remember, larger crowds won't make the occasion more memorable, just more costly.

2. Consider other options before heading straight to a caterer. Although easy & convenient, caterers happen to be unbelievably expensive and will take a humongous chunk out of your small budget. If possible, prepare the food by yourself or have a friend -- whom is a decent cook -- do it for you as their gift. If preparing the food yourself is simply out of the question when planning your small budget wedding, then you can always spend less by choosing the buffet route instead. With a buffet, you can offer delicious, yet inexpensive food at a fraction of the price of a sit-down dinner accompanied by servers.

3. Decorate Yourself. Professional decorators will indeed do a nice job, but nearly everything that they can do you could do. Buy the wedding materials in bulk, look up some wedding decor ideas online, and then just plan it out. It isn't nearly as hard as it seems. Just imagine the money you'll save through using your own unique ideas when planning your wedding on a small budget.

4. Get flowers that are in season and try to arrange them yourself or by a friend/relative. Cut flowers are very expensive, so consider flowering potted plants OR less cut flowers mixed with assorted fruits and tied ribbons.

5. No Open Bar. It is not advisable for a wedding on a small budget, no matter what you may have heard. An open bar is more expensive, plus it encourages people to get really drunk really fast -- something you do not need. Instead, consider buying beer, wine, champagne, and a lot of nonalcoholic beverages in bulk. By shopping around, you should be able to get some very good deals. Are you aware you could serve the refreshments yourself (like the buffet) for even greater savings?

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